Arkansas Sports Betting: Legal Sportsbooks and Mobile Sports Betting Launch Review

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Online sports betting is coming to Arkansas, and it should transform a market that has been relatively small since retail betting was legalized. An official launch date has not yet been established.

The Arkansas Racing Commission controls sports gambling in the state, and it passed a set of rules that would make this industry legal. Official rules still have to be approved by the state legislature, but that could be coming soon.

Top Arkansas Sports Betting Sites

Eight online licenses will be available when Arkansas’s mobile sports betting officially launches. Each casino can partner with two national operators to offer mobile sports wagering.

The Arkansas Racing Commission will have to sign off on each operator, but the state should land some of the best companies in the industry. And as a major perk to prospective gamers, all of these sites will be regulated and far more trustworthy than offshore betting sites.

DraftKings Sportsbook Arkansas

DraftKings Sportsbook should be one of the operators that receive a license to operate in Arkansas. This is one of the top operators in the United States and could be one of the first to launch in Arkansas.

DraftKings has a massive welcome offer for new customers, and it also offers plenty of other bonuses and promotions. This company already offers DFS options in Arkansas and has a strong presence in the state.

States AvailableArizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia & Wyoming
App Offered?Yes

Caesars Sportsbook Arkansas

Caesars Sportsbook is another name that should emerge rather quickly in Arkansas as it has done so throughout the country. It now has vastly updated technology after Caesars recently purchased the William Hill Sportsbook, which has given it the power to launch in more states.

This sportsbook is known for having a fantastic loyalty rewards program, and it will come with a great welcome bonus as well.

States Available
Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia
App Offered?Yes, the mobile app will be offered.

FanDuel Sportsbook Arkansas

The FanDuel sportsbook is the clear market share leader in the United States regarding online sports betting. FanDuel is another company offering DFS options in this state already, and it has been popular with players in that industry.

FanDuel Sportsbook has some terrific features on the site that help make it stand out from the rest of the pack.

States AvailableArizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Lousiana Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia & West Virginia
App Offered?Yes, there is a mobile app

BetMGM Sportsbook Arkansas

BetMGM Sportsbook is a product of MGM Resorts International, and it just recently started to get into online betting on a national scale. Since Arkansas is expected to attract some of the biggest names in the industry, you can expect BetMGM to be included in that group.

There is a solid welcome bonus from BetMGM, and it is also known for offering plenty of other bonuses and promotions. Partnering with one of the state’s casinos will be one of the only challenges stopping BetMGM from entering Arkansas.

States Available
Arizona, Colorado, D.C., Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming
App Offered?Yes

BetRivers Sportsbook Arkansas

BetRivers is a product of Rush Street Gaming, another big name in the online gambling industry. The BetRivers sportsbook has a significant presence throughout the Midwest, and Arkansas should also be another target.

This operator is known for offering odds boosts on several markets, and there is a solid welcome bonus offer as well. This operator doesn’t have as big a following as other national operators, but it still provides a reliable sports betting experience.

States AvailableArizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia
App Offered?Yes

Sportsbooks That Could Launch Later

Two other significant operators will likely be looking for a license to operate in Arkansas, but there is no guarantee that it will happen. 

Potential sportsbooks that could enter Arkansas include:

  • Unibet
  • WynnBET

Is Arkansas Sports Betting Legal?

The Arkansas Racing Commission approved a rule change that will allow online sports betting to happen in the state. This still has to be approved at the state level.

Retail sports betting has been around since 2019 at three properties in the state.


Mobile Sports Betting Apps In Arkansas

Mobile betting apps will be included once online gambling is officially in Arkansas. The retail sportsbook might still see limited action, but most betting will be done at one of these apps.


Mobile Sports Wagering

Each mobile sports betting app will be a bit different, but all of them will accept wagers through a mobile device. Using a mobile app to place bets makes this process much easier as mobile devices can travel with you anywhere.

Mobile sports wagering apps will look similar to online sites but have many advantages.

Arkansas Sports To Bet – Legal Sports Betting

Football Betting

Football is the top wagering market throughout the U.S. That has been the case for Arkansas bettors. This sport draws much attention, and sportsbooks develop new ways to bet on the mark.

The Super Bowl is the biggest football event, but every NFL game will be a popular betting attraction. This sport also has some great prop and future betting opportunities available.

Arkansas is also right in the middle of SEC country, and college football is popular in that part of the U.S.


Basketball Betting

Basketball is another popular sport to bet on throughout the United States, including Arkansas. There aren’t any major professional basketball teams in Arkansas, but there are plenty of college teams.

March Madness will always be the most significant event that draws betting action for basketball. The entire NBA Playoffs should also provide plenty of wagers being placed during that time.


Baseball Betting

Baseball is a good betting option for Arkansas bettors simply because there are many games to wager. The MLB season is 162 games in length, and the season is also played when there are some breaks in the schedules for other leagues.

The World Series is one of the most significant events in the World, and the entire MLB Playoffs will attract plenty of betting action. The MLB All-Star Game is another event that will be popular with sports bettors.


Hockey Betting

The NHL is the fourth-most popular sport in Arkansas, and it will be the same way with betting. The climate of Arkansas doesn’t precisely scream hockey weather, and there aren’t a ton of hockey fans in the state.

The NHL Playoffs get famous, and you will see some wagers being placed during that time. Hockey in the Olympics will be another time that this sport will draw some pretty solid betting action.


College Sports

We already mentioned that Arkansas is right in the middle of SEC country, which will help out with the sports betting revenue. Arkansas is a state that has approved betting on college events, and SEBC basketball and football are both going to attract plenty of wagers.

The entire college football season will be favored to bet on, but things will heat up during SEC Conference games. Nothing can beat the SEC Tournament action and the entire NCAA Tournament for college basketball.

Arkansas Teams To Bet On- Professional And College Sports

The Arkansas Razorbacks

The University of Arkansas is the most popular college program in the state, and that is for both basketball and football. There are other smaller colleges and universities, but the Razorbacks have the entire state’s attention.

Dallas Cowboys

The proximity to Texas will make the Dallas Cowboys a top betting option in Arkansas. It also helps that the Cowboys are known as “America’s team” and already have a massive following in the state.

Dallas has not been as dominant since 1902, but they are usually a team that can reach the postseason.

Memphis Grizzlies

West Memphis is actually in Arkansas, making the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA a favorite team in the state. Since Arkansas is not home to professional sports teams, the Grizzlies are the best option.

This franchise had some terrific teams nearly 10 seasons ago, and they are starting to make a comeback and become relevant again.

St. Louis Cardinals

Only a handful of MLB franchises have been as successful as the STL Cardinals. STL is close enough to Arkansas that the Cardinals have a strong following.

MLB betting starts to heat up in the summer months when the rest of the leagues are in the offseason. There are other popular MLB teams in Arkansas, but the Cardinals have the most significant following among residents.

St. Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues recently won a Stanley Cup Championship, and that franchise has a strong tradition in the NHL. Even though hockey isn’t incredibly popular in the State, the Blues will attract some betting attention.

The NHL season does get mixed up with the NBA, which takes away some of the focus from this sport.

Other Popular Betting

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports have been a legal betting option in Arkansas, dating back to 2017. These sites offer specific contests that players can enter for a small fee. Some sportsbook operators expected to launch also offer DFS options.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a massive part of the culture in Arkansas, and of course, this type of betting is available. Bets can be placed at the racetracks, but sportsbooks that launch will also be able to accept wagers on these events.


Wagering on elections is not available in Arkansas, and that goes for the rest of the United States, for that matter. These betting markets are popular internationally, but you won’t be able to wager on the next presidential election even if sports betting is available.

Pop Culture Ceremonies

Betting on Awards shows such as the Grammy’s might seem like a fun thing to do, but that won’t be a legal betting option in Arkansas. Some states allow this type of wagering, but that was not listed in the rules released by the Racing Commission.


Betting on esports will not be allowed in Arkansas as that was specifically included in the list of banned wagers.  Betting could open up on this type of action at some point, but it won’t be available when online gambling betting launches.

Promotions & Bonus Offers From Arkansas Online Sportsbooks

When mobile sports betting first launches in Arkansas, sportsbooks will offer new customers in Arkansas bonuses and promotions. There will be some competition in this state, and each operator will be looking for an edge.

Here are some of the most common promotions that you will see being offered.

🔥 Risk-Free Bets

A risk-free bet is a common promotion that you will find offered from an online betting site. This typically applies to your first sports bet placed at the site, and you will receive money back if that first bet loses. The only negative about this offer is that the bonus will come in the form of a free bet, and you can’t get actual money back.

🔥 Deposit Match

A deposit match is another promotion offered frequently, but this one could also be offered to returning customers. Each mobile sports betting site will do this a bit differently, but it essentially amounts to free money in your account. This is a great bonus because you can simply choose how to use that extra money instead of being tied to your first sports bet.

🔥 Referral Bonuses

Sportsbooks offer referral bonuses, so you to help them get the word out about their site. You can simply share a specific referral link that is attached to your account, and you will get paid if a friend signs up. There is very little work required with this bonus, and the credits or free bets will simply show up in your account.

🔥 Odds Boosts

Odds boosts will be for returning customers mostly, but some sites will have an odds boost on the first wager. With an odds boost, you are simply getting better odds than normal, which can lead to a bigger payout if that outcome hits. The only downside to an odds boost is that the site usually chooses the markets, and you don’t get to select which games you want to boost the odds for.

How To Choose An Arkansas Online Sportsbook?

When online sportsbooks first launch, there will be plenty will be to choose from. This can create some pressure to select the right option, but there are some specific attributes to look for.

The following sections cover some of the top features online betting sites will have. You will want to find a site with as many of these as possible.

Variety Of Bets Allowed

You will choose a sportsbook to make sports bets, and you want to find a site that will have the widest variety of bets allowed. Mobile sportsbooks in Arkansas will have to follow state laws, but there will be room to pick and choose what betting markets they want to feature.

Competitive Lines & Odds

Another thing to look for with mobile sportsbooks is how competitive the lines and odds are. You will often find the same odds for each market, but that won’t always be the case. Even slightly better odds can lead to extra money in your account.

Frequency Of Betting Bonuses

The legal sportsbooks will have a welcome bonus for sports bettors, but the best sites won’t stop there with the bonuses. Top online sportsbooks will continue to offer betting bonuses, especially to their most loyal customers. Finding sites with the biggest bonuses is another thing you should be keeping a close eye on.

Friendly User Interface

A friendly user interface is something else that you will want to look for, but it’s hard to describe exactly what this might mean. Instead, it’s easier to simply look at each online sportsbook and find the one that looks and feels the best to you.

The speed of the mobile sports betting app is something that you will want to keep a close eye on. Mobile sportsbooks will have different tech providers that will make them work a bit differently.

Ease Of Deposits & Withdrawal

Banking options continue to improve with any online gambling site, but each site can still pick and choose what options are available. Not only do you want to find a site with plenty of options., but you also want the banking process to be quick and easy.

When you win money at a site, you will have to make a withdrawal request to get that money out. It is essential to choose an option that will get your money in a reasonable amount of time.

Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile sportsbooks will be available on both Android and iOS devices. The best sportsbook companies will produce a mobile app that can be accessed by people who use both different types of mobile devices.

Customer Support

If you run into a problem when wagering at an online sportsbook, you will need to reach out to customer support. Each national operator will have its own customer support team, but a few main contact options are typically available.

Live chat is the option that sports bettors usually prefer because that provides an answer in the quickest amount of time. Other common options include a FAQ page, email, or a toll-free number.

It would be wise to explore the customer support from each site before you sign up for a new account.

Bet Types & Sports Wagers At Legal Sportsbooks

⭐ Moneyline

A moneyline bet is one of the most basic and easiest to make when gambling. This type of wager simply requires a bettor to pick a certain matchup’s winning team or individual. Taking the Los Angeles Lakers over the Dallas Mavericks is an example of moneyline betting.

⭐ Parlays

A parlay has become one of the most popular options in the legal sports betting scene. This bet involves combining several smaller wagers into one large bet, and there is a chance to win some serious money. You can combine bets from all of the different available sports to give you more options when putting together this wager.

⭐ Totals

A totals bet it is a bit unique as this doesn’t focus on the winning or losing team at all. A totals bet is sometimes referred to as an over/under. If a betting line is set at 52.5 for an NFL game then those teams would have to combine for at least 53 points for the over to hit.

⭐ Point Spreads

Points spreads are popular bets in both basketball and football, and the term used is “betting against the spread.” With this type of bet, you have to predict who wins and how close or far apart the final score will be. If the Cowboys are 3.5-point betting favorites, they would have to win by at least four points to be the correct team to wager on.

⭐ Futures

A futures bet doesn’t have anything to do with one specific game but instead focuses on a much different outcome. A futures bet usually isn’t decided until the end of a season. Taking the STL Cardinals to win the upcoming World Series is an example of a futures bet.

⭐ Prop Bets

Prop bets used only to be offered on the Super Bowl each year, but that is no longer the case. You will now find prop bets on many different betting markets, which is usually considered a fun betting option. Predicting that Tom Brady will have at least 21 completions in an NFL game is an example of a prop betting option.

⭐ Live Bets

Live betting has become increasingly popular, and these are bets placed in real-time. The betting odds are updated as the game goes on, and bettors can get in on the action. Most of the betting options discussed above can all be made as a live bet while a game is being played.

⭐ Prohibited Bets

The prohibited bets in Arkansas include betting on esports or any political event. Some states don’t allow wagering on college sporting events, but that is not the case in Arkansas.

⭐ Betting Lines

Betting lines will look nearly the same for every single bet offered by legal sportsbooks in the State. Each sportsbook will set its own lines, and you might see a slight variation depending on the game you are looking at. It is essential to take a close look at the betting odds and get the most value when placing any wagers.

Arkansas Online Sports Gambling Legislation

Arkansas voters initially approved retail sports gambling back in November 2018, allowing the Racing Commission to set up the industry. It was decided that retail sportsbooks would be the only option at that time, but things have since changed.

Just three racetracks offered legal sports betting when sports betting was officially legalized. It has been that way since 2019, but those laws will be changing very soon.

Sports betting will soon be offered online at both websites and mobile apps to partner with one of the state’s casinos.

Arkansas Legislative Council

The Arkansas Legislative Council has to decide after the Arkansas Racing Commission approved the online sports betting rules. This bill was initially placed in a subcommittee, and no action had been taken as of March 15, 2024.

Arkansas Casinos

Until the four casinos announce partnerships with sportsbook operators, it will be impossible to know which sites are coming to the state. There will be some terrific options available, and a number of those were mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Arkansas Sports Betting Revenue Projection

The Arkansas Racing Commission did not provide a tax revenue projection when it decided to approve rules for iGaming. The state has brought in a little less than $2 million from sports betting since 2019, and that’s very low compared to other states.

It is reasonable that Arkansas could go over $1.9 million in tax revenue in the first full year of online sports betting, if not sooner.

Legal Online Sports Betting Tax Rate

Arkansas casinos pay a tax rate of just 5% to offer retail sports gambling. That is going to change completely when online sports betting launches. If the current proposed rules get final approval, Arkansas will receive tax revenue at a rate of 51% from online sportsbooks that receive a license.

There are a couple of other states in the U.S. that have a 51% tax for online sports betting, but the national average is correct, around 15%.

Who Regulates Sports Betting Sites Regulated?

The Arkansas Racing Commission will be in charge of regulating the online sports betting industry. This commission already regulates retail betting, and it will simply add mobile platforms to its list of responsibilities.

The Arkansas Racing Commission also regulates the horse racing industry and all casino gambling.

Arkansas Sports Team Partners

Since Arkansas is not home to any professional sports teams, sportsbooks have not created partnerships. This could always change in the future, and colleges in Arkansas could be in play as well. NASCAR is another popular sport in the State that could play into these future deals.

How To Deposit & Withdraw From Sports Betting Sites

Making payments at mobile sportsbooks will be much different from what takes place with in-person sports betting. Mobile betting sites accept all payments online, and there are plenty of new options that have come up in recent years.

PayPal is now a popular banking option used by bettors at these mobile betting sites, but other options will also allow for quick processing. A credit/debit card can still be used as well, and online bank transfers continue to be an option.

Payment Methods Accepted On Arkansas Sports Betting Sites:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex
  • Wire Transfer
  • Neteller
  • ACH/ECheck
  • Cash at Casino Cage
  • Prepaid Card

How Arkansas Sports Betting Compares To Other Legal States

Arkansas’s overall sports betting industry is very small compared to other states, but that could change once online wagering comes around. With only three retail sportsbooks available, there just weren’t many options for Arkansas sports bettors.

Remote registration will be available in Arkansas, and that will help these operators add new customers quickly. Arkansas also has a long list of available betting options, and only two major categories are really off the table.

Online Sports Wagering

Each sportsbook will work a bit differently, but it’s nice that you will have at least eight options available in Arkansas. There is no rule that you can only sign up for one sportsbook, and you will be free to give them all a try.

Retail Sportsbooks vsMobile Sports Betting

Retail wagering and mobile sports betting are very different, even though they both involve betting on sporting events. You are forced to travel when betting in person, but mobile sports betting is available anywhere in the state.

A majority of sports betting in the United States is done at a mobile sportsbook, which will be the case in Arkansas. Mobile sportsbooks will also have more Arkansas bonuses and promotions available to customers than there would be at a retail sportsbook.

Arkansas Legal Sports Betting Legislation Timeline


  • 📅 November 2018: Arkansas voters approve Issue 5, which creates a constitutional amendment to allow legal sports betting.
  • 📅 July 2019: Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort accepts the first legal wager.
  • 📅 2020: Southland Casino Racing becomes the third land-based sports betting in Arkansas.
  • 📅 December 2021: Arkansas Racing Commission approves new rules that allow mobile sports betting inside Arkansas state lines.
  • 📅 2022: The commission's rules pass to a legislative sub-committee for final approval.

Responsible Sports Betting

The Arkansas Racing Commission promotes responsible gambling on its website, and each online sportsbook in the state will do so as well. Arkansas is committed to this program, and there are several resources available to anyone that might be struggling with problem gambling.

Sportsbooks in the State will have a “timeout feature” and include a statement to gamble responsibly.

Where To Bet Now

Before mobile sports betting launches, there are still some opportunities to place bets in the state. Three casinos offer retail sports betting, and a fourth casino is on the way as well. Each of the following casinos will partner with up to two online sports betting operators.

  • Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort
  • Southland Casino Racing
  • Saracen Casino Resort
  • River Valley Casino (Coming Soon)

Arkansas Sports Betting FAQ


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