Moneyline vs Spread - Which Bet Is Better?

Moneyline vs Spread - Which Bet Is Better?
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The sports betting industry continues to grow here in the U.S. and that growth has unlocked a number of new betting options. Despite the emergence of new betting options, traditional bets like moneyline and spread bets are still the most common bets to make.

If you are new to sports betting, then these two betting options are what you should initially focus on. After you have mastered them, then you can explore different options at the sportsbook.

Here is a quick overview of these two betting types. There will also be an explanation for which contexts each betting option is most well-suited for.

Moneyline bets are easier to win

A moneyline bet is the most basic betting option in the sports betting industry. You are simply making a bet on which team will win a certain game. This is a great betting option for beginners, as it is typically easier to just pick winners.

The disadvantage to a moneyline bet is that payouts are usually minimal. Betting on an underdog to win could prove lucrative, but it rarely happens.

Here is what a moneyline bet would look like:

Chicago Bulls -165
Milwaukee Bucks +185

The Bulls are the favorites in this matchup. It would take a $165 bet to win just $100. Meanwhile, a $100 bet on the underdog Bucks would result in a payout of $185.

Spread Betting Gives You A Higher Payout

A spread bet is commonly referred to as “betting against the spread.” This type of bet is extremely popular in football and basketball. But other sports offer spread bets, too.

This bet is harder to win than a moneyline bet. However, there is also potential for a much better payout. Nearly all of the spread betting options that you will find will have odds at -110 for each side.

With a spread bet, you are trying to predict how close or how far apart the final score spread will be. You can actually bet on the team that loses the game. But, they have to keep the final score within a certain range.

Here is what this might look like:

Chicago Bulls -7.5
Milwaukee Bucks +7.5

If you are going to make a bet on the Chicago Bulls, then they will have to win this game by at least eight points to make this a successful wager. The Milwaukee Bucks can make you a winner by losing the game by seven points or less, or pulling off the upset.

Go with the Spread Bet Over Moneyline

If you are into sports betting, then you are probably looking to win some money. The best way to do that is by taking some risks. Betting against the spread provides a much better opportunity to do this.

A moneyline bet is a much better option for certain sports. Nonetheless, it’s hard to make any real money with this type of wager. If a sport has a spread betting option available, it’s almost always worth it to go with that option.

A spread bet is usually your best bet. But keep in mind that you still need to ensure it’s right for your specific circumstances. Don’t always just make a bet against the spread because the option is available to you.

Get your feet wet in the industry in placing some moneyline bets. Eventually, you need to take a dive in the deep end, and start betting against the spread to make some real money.

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